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I am proud to be Labour's Candidate for Corby and East Northamptonshire, fighting for the community I call home.


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Posted on 3rd Oct 2019 in Campaigning

Local person just been in touch because they're so appalled by the MP's recent leaflet. I haven't seen it but apparently it claims he grew up here. The recipient wasn't very happy about this claim and said it was clearly designed to mislead people. I'm minded to agree.

Remember, if I win the next election, it'll be the first time someone from the constituency, who grew up in the constituency and went to school here represents us as our MP. 

Don't believe me...here's a photo from Woodnewton nursery...the headteacher of the junior school at the time will soon be my father in law 😁 #smallworld

Please share if you agree and want a local gal representing us!

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