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Unitary Transition costs increase by £14m

Posted on 28th Feb 2019 in Campaigning, Northants County Council

I know people are fed up with ‘divisive’ politics (and believe me, so am I!) but I can’t not share my views on this. 🤷🏻‍♀️

The Conservatives have been in power running our County Council since 2005 and during this time they have:

bankrupted the council ➡️ slashed our services ➡️ AND are now taking an extra £14 million to carry out a transition to a new council model that the majority of people here don’t want! ➡️ This will result in more money being diverted away from our essential services and/or the new authority having yet more debt upon its creation! 😳

All this and they’re putting Council Tax up beyond the legal maximum! 

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