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Unitary Consultation

Posted on 14th Jun 2018 in Northants County Council

A huge thank you to Ian, the Chair of our local Labour Party for helping me to collect, carry and organise 30,000 leaflets into manageable piles for our brill local volunteers to deliver. 

We don’t have the money that some of the other parties have so we have to do the work ourselves and rely on support from local people to get our message out there. 

We’ll be hand delivering this leaflet to every home in Corby Borough over the next few weeks. 

The leaflet is designed to help inform people about Tory plans to scrap our local, Labour borough council and replace it with a more remote, bigger, unitary authority.

I don’t think decisions like this should be made in haste and feel very strongly that local people should be properly consulted. After all, it affects the tax we pay, the care for our elderly, and the quality of many other local services. 

By law, the government need to consult local people before making any changes. However it’s clear the government and the 7 Tory MPs in Northants want a ‘light touch consultation’ - they are only asking 500 randomly selected people out of around 650,000 people in Northamptonshire.

Their proposed changes are going to cost taxpayers tens of millions of pounds so I don’t think asking such a small sample of local people is right.

It is because of this poor county-wide consultation that Corby Borough Council have taken it upon themselves to do their own consultation and write to every single house in the borough - they take local views seriously. 

Please make sure you respond to this consultation (which should be arriving in the next few days if it hasn’t already) making clear you don’t want to be hastily forced into this new authority.

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