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I am proud to be Labour's Candidate for Corby and East Northamptonshire, fighting for the community I call home.

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BREAKING: Tory NHS sale plan

Posted on 5th Dec 2019 in Campaigning, News

BREAKING NEWS: Unveiled 451 pages of uncensored documents shows comprehensively that the NHS is on the table in Tory Brexit deal with the US. The Tories tried to cover it up but today it’s been exposed!

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School Cuts resulting in schools closing early

Posted on 12th Mar 2019 in Campaigning

Is your child’s school affected by Conservative cuts to the point it is closing early some days? 

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Police Funding

Posted on 5th Feb 2019 in Campaigning

A few people have contacted me about police funding after our MP and his colleagues have been willfully loose with the truth on the issue.

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Council Tax Increase for Constituents

Posted on 29th Jan 2019 in Northants County Council

You’ll be paying more in Council Tax thanks to the failure of the Conservatives at Northants County Council. They’ve ran the Council since 2005 and driven it into bankruptcy. 🤨😠😡

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10 Year Challenge

Posted on 24th Jan 2019 in Campaigning

Thinking of all the people living on our streets as it gets colder. This is a ‘10 Year Challenge’ not to be proud of....Homelessness has dramatically increased since the Tories came into power.

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