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Shelton Road Public Meeting

Posted on 14th Nov 2019 in News

Last Sunday, I went to the public meeting on the plans for an incinerator at Shelton Rd. I'd like to thank the organisers for bringing people together to talk about the issue and raise awareness.

These plans were given the go ahead by Conservative- run Northants County Council earlier this autumn. You might remember I encouraged people to write to the members of the Planning Committee, who were making the decision, to raise their concerns. Unfortunately, the plans were approved despite a number of legitimate concerns. If I'm honest, I don't think they were all given the consideration they deserve.

If you scroll back, you'll see an earlier post of mine which included a letter to the Committee setting out these concerns. I didn't receive a reply, not even an acknowledgement.

We must make sure local views on this issue are heard and more research much be carried out on the environmental and health impact of such a facility. 

This will not just affect Corby, but all the surrounding areas - many of which are not even aware that this application has been granted planning permission.

I'm encouraging those who have strong views on this, perhaps students or parents of young people at the Corby Business Academy, located just a few hundred metres from where the proposed incinerator will be, to write to the Environment Agency. Those with far more expertise on this than me have stressed it's especially important to raise the need for monitoring conditions. 

I should add, sadly facilities like this one are becoming more appealing to councils. They've had their budgets slashed over the past 9 years with Tory cuts so they're having to look at new ways to bring in the money they've lost. A crucial issue going forward is how to properly fund our local government and ensure councils aren't forced to choose between financial or environmental sustainability - that is plain wrong.

Whoever becomes out next MP must make this campaign a priority.


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