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School cuts of £7m

Posted on 9th Dec 2019 in Campaigning

Schools 🏫 in this constituency have lost almost £7 million 😮. The Tories claim schools have more funding than ever before but that isn't the situation we see on the ground. We see it first hand - cash-strapped schools like Corby Business Academy have reduced hours because they can't afford to sustain existing teaching hours, and many primary schools have had to make redundancies. I have a friend who is a teacher who told me she was sobbing when the vast majority of teaching assistants at her school were made redundant, some had been there for 20 years. When I go into schools I hear how difficult it is to balance the books and I know provisions for children with Special Educational Needs are being hit particularly badly.

Please let's end this. I know people are fed up with politics but it can be a force for good - we're all just cynical after 10 years of Tory cuts. But ultimately, we're the fifth richest country in the world, we should be able to properly educate our children. It was a political choice by the Conservatives to give tax breaks to the richest while cutting our public services. Change is possible. Things can get better but we have to vote for it. Please vote for something better on Thursday.

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