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Russian Funding

Posted on 9th Dec 2019 in Campaigning

Boris Johnson says he wants an investigation into various government leaks but oddly he doesn't want to publish the report into Russian interference in our politics which includes major donations to the Conservative Party. 

Is it just me or is it a bit concerning that locally my opponent has recieved a donation of £6666.66 (strange sum to donate 😈) from one of the donors thought to be caught up in this investigation of Russian influence?

When questioned on Twitter about it, our MP has refused to answer. When questioned by our local paper, he said the donor was a 'friend'. 

I believe politics should be fair and transparent. Influence should not be bought. Boris Johnson should not be suppressing the report into Russian interference until after the General Election. Voters have a right to know now what has gone on so they can make an informed decision next week.

Please share if you, like me, want the findings to be published!

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