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Recent visit to the NFU and a local farm in Harringworth

Posted on 28th Sep 2019 in Visits

Just saw a tweet from the National Farmers Union. It reminded me of a recent visit to the NFU and a local farm in Harringworth.

The video they’ve shared today highlights their concerns about a ‘no deal’ Brexit. You can watch their video here:

But given it’s a Saturday night, I won’t get into Brexit (guessing I’m not the only one fed up with it? 🤔). 

As I say, the video reminded me of my recent visit where I met the brilliant Sarah Bell who told me about the farm and the important policy challenges the sector has. It really opened my eyes to a lot of issues the farming community faces and I feel so much more informed. 

Fun fact from the visit: I was staggered to hear a cow can gain 2 kilograms a day and so timing when they’re sold is a fine art!

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