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Police commitments

Posted on 9th Dec 2019 in Campaigning

Our police station was closed by the Conservatives in 2017. They repeatedly said it wouldn’t happen but it did.

With the help and expertise of the late Mary Butcher and Mick from PubWatch, I submitted a number of Freedom of Information requests. The responses revealed the true extent of the damage of Conservative cuts to our police.

The number of burglaries had risen sharply, response times to urgent issues had increased by between 50-70% across urban and rural areas, and the wellbeing of our officers suffered with more and more taking sick days. Cuts to PCSOs also meant that the link between the community and the police had been lost. I was out in Thrapston on Sunday and understand they've had the number of PCSOs halved - this is the same all around the constituency. 

Seeing how bad things had become and now with the hard facts to back me up, I campaigned (with the support of the local paper) to reopen a police base here. We succeeded in doing this and a base opened earlier this autumn. 

As your MP, I’d go further, pushing for a proper police station here once again, for the reintroduction of the PCSOs, and an increase in both the number of police officers and administrative staff (so our bobbies aren't stuck behind a desk for a chunk of their shift).

Please share if you back these plans.

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