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Meet Harry!

Posted on 19th Jan 2019 in Campaigning, Northants County Council

‪Had a productive (and enjoyable!) day with Labour candidate, Harry James talking about the upcoming by-election for the Oundle division and what matters to him. 

He’s a passionate campaigner and a local, honest voice for people in Oundle and the surrounding areas. After the Tory failure at Northants County Council, the mismanagement and the lies, he’s a breath of fresh air! ðŸ¤˜ðŸ»ðŸŒ¿

We even found time for a quick stop off at the brewery too to try some locally produced beer. ðŸ‘ŒðŸ»â€¬

Vote Harry on 21 February and keep the day free to campaign with us! 

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