Hello, I'm Beth!

I am proud to be Labour's Candidate for Corby and East Northamptonshire, fighting for the community I call home.

Recent Updates

Grow Festival 2019

Posted on 28th Jul 2019 by Beth Miller in News

Loads of great things going on this weekend to keep us entertained! 

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My views on Boris

Posted on 24th Jul 2019 by Beth Miller in Campaigning, News

With the full backing of our constituency's Tory MP, Boris Johnson has become our Prime Minister. We had no say.

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Corby Carnival and Highland Gathering 2019

Posted on 13th Jul 2019 by Beth Miller in News

Fun day at the carnival and highland gathering, followed by a lovely brie and cranberry toastie (😍) at the Old Village tea cottage! Took Harry but think it was all a bit much for him - he was one tired dog!

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A great big 'thank you'!

Posted on 12th Jul 2019 by Beth Miller in Campaigning

A big ‘thank you’ to all of those who signed my petition. I’m really pleased with the progress being made but there is still more to do and the campaign doesn’t end here. 

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Our MP votes against the rights of women in Northern Ireland

Posted on 9th Jul 2019 by Beth Miller in Campaigning, News

Today, MPs voted resoundingly to extend same-sex marriage and access to abortion to Northern Ireland, bringing NI into line with the rights we all have here in the rest of the U.K and in the Republic of Ireland.  Unfortunately our own MP was one of just 99 who chose to vote against Stella Creasy’s amendment, therefore seeking to stop the right of women to choose.

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Campaigning in Irthlingborough, fun at Tannerfest

Posted on 7th Jul 2019 by Beth Miller in News

Enjoyed the sun this weekend with more campaigning in Irthlingborough followed by Tannerfest, just outside of the constituency in Loddington. All the profits from the festival go to local charities and Corby band, the Modern Age played a brilliant set. Camped for the first time in ages too! 👌🏻😁 Hope you all had a good’un.

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Tribute to Mary Butcher

Posted on 5th Jul 2019 by Beth Miller in News

Very sad news about Mary. She was a lovely woman, spoke her mind, wore her heart on her sleeve and was a real voice of reason at some tense Labour meetings over the years. She also had the biggest smile, the most brilliant, fully invested laugh and great sense of fashion - she had amazing jacket, handbag and jewellery combos! I was proud to call her a friend. ‬

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School cuts campaign update

Posted on 3rd Jul 2019 by Beth Miller in Campaigning

Our campaigning on school cuts is having an impact. Headteachers have today called for a meeting with Northamptonshire’s MPs so they can stress the negative impact cuts are having on their schools. 

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