Hello, I'm Beth!

I am proud to be Labour's Candidate for Corby and East Northamptonshire, fighting for the community I call home.

Recent Updates

NHS @ 70

Posted on 5th Jul 2018 by Beth Miller in Campaigning

Have you heard, the NHS is turning 70 this year.  It's time to celebrate and say a thank you to all of the staff, past and present.

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July 2018 Update

Posted on 8th Jul 2018 by Beth Miller in Campaigning

An update on what I have been doing over the last week in July 2018.

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Have your say on Unitary Authority

Posted on 15th Jul 2018 by Beth Miller in Northants County Council

Just 500 out of over 650,000 people in Northants are being proactively approached to take part in the official consultation on the future of local government here. That is less than 0.08%. That is not a proper consultation. That’s a tick-box exercise. 

Make sure that your voice is heard by actively responding at the links below. There isn’t much time left. 

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School Cuts

Posted on 20th Jul 2018 by Beth Miller in Campaigning

Today is the last day of school before the summer break.  Sadly, when many go back to school in September, they'll notice a difference, if they haven't already. In the years between 2015 - 2020, schools in this constituency will have lost £5.4 million. 

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Corby Responds to a Unitary Authority

Posted on 30th Jul 2018 by Beth Miller in Northants County Council

The people of Corby have spoken and 95% said ‘no’ to Government plans to force us into a unitary authority.

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