Hello, I'm Beth!

I am proud to be Labour's Candidate for Corby and East Northamptonshire, fighting for the community I call home.

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Election Ready, Bring It On!

Posted on 30th Oct 2019 by Beth Miller in Campaigning

I'm excited to be offering the people of Corby and East Northamptonshire, the community I'm proud to call home, a chance for real change: An MP from here and on your side.

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Register to vote - elections are coming!

Posted on 26th Oct 2019 by Beth Miller in Campaigning

My opponent relies on a low turn out among young people to win here. If an election is called on Monday, make sure you can have a say by registering to vote. It literally takes a couple of minutes. If you aren't sure if you're registered or not, theres no harm in signing up again.

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Election Volunteers needed!

Posted on 24th Oct 2019 by Beth Miller in Campaigning

The PM has said he wants an election on 12th December, eh? Can you sign up to help me in the campaign? It's a two horse race in this constituency but I'm definitely the underdog so really value any support. You can do whatever you're comfortable with - every little helps.

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NHS funds Orkambi

Posted on 24th Oct 2019 by Beth Miller in News

I am so, so pleased by the news today that the NHS will finally get access to the drug, Orkambi, after a long battle. The medication will make life so much better for people living with cystic fibrosis. 

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Keep Funding the Autumn Centre

Posted on 18th Oct 2019 by Beth Miller in Campaigning, News

Northants County Council is cutting funding to a number of voluntary organisations in the county. They have proposed to end contracts with 11 providers, including the Autumn Centre, in a bid to save money, from March 2020.


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Posted on 17th Oct 2019 by Beth Miller in News

I've been following all the heartwarming posts about DIY SOS being in the constituency this last week or two. 

What can I say!? Wow. Incredible what a community can do when it comes together. 

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Let's support our environment

Posted on 12th Oct 2019 by Beth Miller in Campaigning

I don't claim to be an expert on enviromentalism but I do try to do my bit, and if I was our MP, I'd back measures to support our environment. 

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Beanfield by-election Result ✅

Posted on 11th Oct 2019 by Beth Miller in Campaigning

A huge well done and congratulations to Alison Dalziel for Beanfield, Corby's newest borough councillor representing Beanfield ward. I know you'll do Mary proud.  

Thank you to all those who put their faith in and voted for Alison yesterday.

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World Mental Health Day #AskTwice

Posted on 10th Oct 2019 by Beth Miller in Campaigning

When I was at college, one day waiting for the bus a friend and I were talking (I can't remember what about) and she said something along the lines of: 'everyone's fighting little battles each day that we don't know anything about'. I know it's a paraphrase of a famous quote now but I didn't back then, and its always stuck with me. Take care folks - we're all only human and can only ever do our best.

#worldmentalhealthday #asktwice

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Beanfield by-election polling day!

Posted on 10th Oct 2019 by Beth Miller in Campaigning

Big day today. If you live in Beanfield, please make sure to vote. Polling is open until 10pm and don't worry if you can't find your polling card, you can vote without it. I'm backing Alison and hope you can too. 

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Beanfield by-election with Labour Students

Posted on 5th Oct 2019 by Beth Miller in Campaigning

What a day! Thank you 🙏 to the wonderful Labour Students who travelled far and wide and to everyone else who came to help today. There was genuinely a really positive  response and lots of people had already sent in their postal votes for Alison Dalziel for Beanfield.

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Your Local Candidate

Posted on 3rd Oct 2019 by Beth Miller in Campaigning

Local person just been in touch because they're so appalled by the MP's recent leaflet. I haven't seen it but apparently it claims he grew up here. The recipient wasn't very happy about this claim and said it was clearly designed to mislead people. I'm minded to agree.

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