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Love Is Love 💕

Posted on 28th Oct 2018 in Campaigning

Some people say politicians are all the same. I don’t think that’s the case in this constituency. The MP and I have very different views on major issues from fox hunting to the NHS and environmental protections. 

Just this week, he voted against giving individuals in Northern Ireland the same rights as people elsewhere in the UK. In voting against this, he tried to stop women in Northern Ireland from having the same option to choose an abortion as women in England, Scotland or Wales, and he tried to prevent same-sex marriage being recognised there, too. (I get that this would normally be a devolved matter but Stormont hasn’t sat in two years and there seems no end in sight for the impasse - and to be honest, why should people in Northern Ireland not be given the same rights as the rest of us in the U.K. and the Republic?)

45 of his own MPs voted in support of the proposed changes but he chose not to, toeing the Conservative leadership’s position.

I disagree wholeheartedly with his views on this, and if I were your MP you could count on me to stand up for women’s and LGBT+ rights.

I’m not saying his views are wrong or that mine are right but one thing is for sure, people here have a very distinct choice at the next election. 


P.S here we are campaigning in Irthlingborough yesterday. Pat, the man with the cap, is 85 and a Labour legend. He’s celebrating 60 years as a campaigner next year.

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