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Local schools let down by this Government

Posted on 28th May 2019 in Campaigning

Schools in this area are facing a choice between closing early or making teachers redundant due to cuts. Teachers and Heads are being put in an unfair and impossible position by cuts from the Conservative Government and voted through by our own MP.

I have been campaigning on the issue of school cuts since the 2017 General Election. Last year I shared this infographic highlighting the extent of the cuts across the constituency:

CEN School Cuts Infographic

While many teachers are trying to do their best, they are being put in such a horrible situation by this chronic underfunding. It beggars belief that in 2019 and in the sixth richest country in the world, our schools are having to choose between closing early or making redundancies to save cash

I was fortunate to be educated through a time of investment in our schools and I want the same for kids growing up today - their opportunities shouldn’t be stifled due to the incompetence of our MP and his Government.

Remember, these cuts are a political choice - the Conservatives have chosen to cut taxes for the richest at the expense of cuts to our schools and children’s aspirations.

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