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Johnson's No Deal Brexit

Posted on 20th Aug 2019 in Campaigning

Not everyone will agree with this but I feel is absolutely vital, on something as big as this, that I’m completely open and honest. I’ve said it before but as the situation is developing I wanted to update you all. 🤓

I think ‘No Deal’ would be catastrophic for the U.K. It would do huge damage to the Northern Ireland Peace Agreement; the economic uncertainty and disruption will cause massive disruption to our businesses and in turn, with the risk of recession now very real, will slash living standards for every single one of us as businesses cut back and redundancies become inevitable. Remember, no one voted to be worse off but ‘No Deal’ will do just that❗️

So how can we avoid this? 👇🏻

Labour have put forward a deliverable plan for stopping ‘No Deal’. The Greens, the SNP, Plaid are all open to it. 

This plan involves:

1️⃣ A vote of no-confidence in the government and unelected PM
2️⃣ The formation of a temporary government to stop ‘No Deal’
3️⃣ A General Election where one party or a coalition of parties seeks to get a majority for something (which there isn’t at the moment hence the stalemate!)

If the Lib Dems want to stop ‘No Deal’ they need to stop playing politics and get into talks about how to do it.

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