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Have your say on Unitary Authority

Posted on 15th Jul 2018 in Northants County Council

Just 500 out of over 650,000 people in Northants are being proactively approached to take part in the official consultation on the future of local government here. That is less than 0.08%. That is not a proper consultation. That’s a tick-box exercise. 

Make sure that your voice is heard by actively responding at the links below. There isn’t much time left. 

Corby Borough residents:

You should have received a letter from Corby Borough Council asking you to take part in their own, independent consultation. You have until Friday 20th July to respond, and you can do this in hard copy or online at this link: 


If you haven’t received a letter with your unique code, please call the Council or pop to the Cube. All Corby Borough residents are also able to complete the county-wide ‘Future Northants’ consultation - more details below.

East Northamptonshire residents:

Unfortunately the District Council chose not to do their own, independent consultation. None the less, you can still have you say on the county-wide consultation website. It is open until Sunday 22 July. Here’s the link: 


I don’t think we should be bullied into this. Local people should be properly consulted and the Government should pause to fully consider other options first. 

Please ‘like’ if you’ve already responded, and share so others can too.

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