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GE2019 PM's comments on single parents

Posted on 5th Dec 2019 in Campaigning, News

Did you see the news over the weekend? The news that Boris Johnson, yes that's right, the current Prime Minister, in the past referred to the children of single parents as 'ill-raised, ignorant and aggressive'. I guess Eton didn’t teach him compassion or understanding eh? 

My parents separated when I was 4. Both my brothers and I defied the odds, went to university, and now contribute to society and pay our fair share into the system. 

Seems the apple doesn’t fall to far from the tree either with his Dad, just this weekend, describing the British public as too thick to spell 'Pinocchio'. 

This kind of pomp and snobbery is so outdated. I want a PM fit for the future, not one who looks down on the rest of us. 

So many single parents I meet are absolutely smashing it: working hard to keep a roof over their head with just one income, doing the work of two people in the house and garden, and bringing up their children without the emotional support of someone else always being there. I have so much respect for anyone managing to bring up a family on their own. It's time our PM did! His ignorance honestly makes me so angry.

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