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Brexit Thoughts

Posted on 23rd Mar 2019 in Campaigning

I have tried, I have really tried, to will Brexit to work, for the sake of the unity of our country.

I’ve watched as Civil Servants and the Government have worked, over nearly three years now, to get us a good deal that could make Brexit a success. And I really did want them to do a good job - I hadn’t voted for Brexit but I accepted I was in a minority and therefore wanted the best possible Brexit that could bring both ‘sides’ together in a compromise plan that would give us what I thought of as a ‘Hovis’, the best of both worlds. Maybe that was naive but I thought that was what we should plan and hope for.

Over time, it’s become clear that it’s extremely difficult to get a deal that suits a majority of people. Something that both the PM, her Government, our Parliament, the EU and most importantly the British people can agree on. 

While a majority of people voted to leave the EU, there was no direction on what the future relationship should look like. The question didn’t ask voters for their views on the Customs Union or Single Market or WTO terms. The simple ‘Leave/Remain’ question didn’t ask exactly what people wanted from voting to leave and nor did it ask what we’d like to change if we voted to stay. That’s been the root of the problem the whole way along.

With the current deadlock, and continued uncertainty for businesses and therefore our economy - which if you ask me still hasn’t recovered from the global meltdown, wages haven’t recovered and inflation is going up, and our central bank has too few tools at its disposal should we to have another crisis (mainly because it’s still using those deployed ten years ago!) - we need a solution. I genuinely think the only way to at least make some progress is to take it back to the people and to ask, ‘what do you want to do next?’

I know some of you won’t agree but it’s absolutely vital to me that I’m honest with how I feel about this. We have a week left until we’re due to leave and we cannot continue what we’ve been doing - it’s not working. I’ve been open minded on this issue for so long but it’s impossible, with just a week to go not come to a firm view. For me, it is now only right for people to decide what happens next so we can sort this out once and for all. 

Please if you disagree, can we do it respectfully? This isn’t a nice situation for anyone. 👍🏻

And if you do agree, please share.

In lighter news, last week I got engaged to my partner of five years and I’m chuffed to bits! 

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