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Beanfield by-election Campaigning

Posted on 29th Sep 2019 in Campaigning

Morning all! Not out campaigning this morning thankfully (look at that rain 😬🥴) but we’ve had some fantastic ‘doorknocking’ sessions over the last week. 

If you live on Beanfield, you should have received a leaflet from Alison with her record of commitment to the community and what she’d do if elected. 

This is in contrast to her opponent whose leaflet just keeps talking about Boris Johnson 🧐 rather than what he’d do locally for your estate! A councillor is your representative for local issues - it is absolutely nothing to do with national issues and pretending it is is a bit naughty in my book.

Alison would be fantastic, a proper Corby woman with grit and persistence, and I’m sure would do Mary proud. Please do consider voting for her on 10th October. 👍🏻

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