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Ban on assault rifles

Posted on 8th Dec 2018 in Campaigning

You’ll have seen on the news that violent crime is increasing as well as the black market sale of military grade assault rifles. 

The police had rightly asked government to strengthen their protections by passing a law that’d make it harder for criminals to get access to assault rifles. 

The government originally agreed and the legislation was developed under the Offensive Weapons Bill but when it came to the vote, they decided to vote against it after pressure from the far-right of their party.

Every single Conservative MP, including our own, voted against the wishes of the police and in favour of easy access to assault rifles. I cannot understand his thinking there.

If I were your MP, I’d stand up for our police and take seriously measures to make our streets safer. Guns have no place on our streets - please share if you agree and remember how our MP voted at the next election.

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