Hello, I'm Beth!

I am proud to be Labour's Candidate for Corby and East Northamptonshire, fighting for the community I call home.

Recent Updates

Campaigning with Rory Palmer MEP

Posted on 10th Nov 2018 by Beth Miller in Campaigning

What a lovely, sunny November morning speaking to people in Oakley Vale. It was really great to be joined by Rory Palmer, our MEP, and Andy Furlong who had travelled from Leicester. Thanks All!

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National Campaign Day

Posted on 3rd Nov 2018 by Beth Miller in Campaigning

A big team out for our National Campaign Day in Raunds this morning. We covered about 1,200 houses and the sun shined! ‘Thank you’ to everyone who helped and to Jesters for the great coffee and food, as always! 

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Stop Tory Police Cuts

Posted on 30th Oct 2018 by Beth Miller in Campaigning

The Tories are slashing funding to Northamptonshire police by £24.8m. When will they learn you can’t protect the public on the cheap? 

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Love Is Love 💕

Posted on 28th Oct 2018 by Beth Miller in Campaigning

Some people say politicians are all the same. I don’t think that’s the case in this constituency. The MP and I have very different views on major issues from fox hunting to the NHS and environmental protections. 

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Campaigning with Lillian Greenwood MP

Posted on 20th Oct 2018 by Beth Miller in Campaigning

It was really good to get out and about in Corby today. We had two fantastic campaign sessions where we had the pleasure of welcoming trade unionists from across the region and the brilliant Lilian Greenwood MP  who joined us from her Nottingham South constituency.

We had lots of great conversations and lots of issues raised that we’ll try to take up

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The Bridge is Open!!

Posted on 19th Oct 2018 by Beth Miller in Campaigning

The bridge has just reopened and I am genuinely so, so, so pleased. This is really good news for people like me who use the bridge regularly and for local small business owners, who I’ve been supporting all year.


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Universal Credit - What is our MP hiding?

Posted on 18th Oct 2018 by Beth Miller in Campaigning

I am really disappointed that last night our MP voted to keep the impact assessment of Universal Credit, affecting 7,951 of his own constituents, a secret. He joined 298, mainly Conservative MPs, to win the vote by just 20.

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Launching Street Watch! Get Involved!

Posted on 13th Oct 2018 by Beth Miller in Campaigning

Everyone deserves to feel safe in their homes and communities. It's something I feel really strongly about.  Street Watch is 'a bit like Neighbourhood Watch but on legs.' It's groups of volunteers, passionate about their area supporting PCSOs and community officers. It's a community patrol initiative that helps you make a difference where you live, just walking around your neighbourhood, which can really help.

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Network Rail respond to bridge closure

Posted on 7th Oct 2018 by Beth Miller in Campaigning

Thank you to the local residents, business owners and Network Rail for attending my meeting on Friday.

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Leaders speech at Conservative Party Conference

Posted on 4th Oct 2018 by Beth Miller in Campaigning

I was disappointed with our Prime Minister’s speech (and her dancing!) yesterday.


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We forced a U-turn! UCC Saved

Posted on 15th Sep 2018 by Beth Miller in Campaigning, Urgent Care Centre

I am so pleased Corby’s Urgent Care Centre has been saved. It’s a credit to the work of the Action Group 🙌🏻 (Lyn, Maria and the gang) who I was proud to support in their Judicial Review. 

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NCC Lobby Day

Posted on 13th Sep 2018 by Beth Miller in Northants County Council

Standing up for Northamptonshire with this wonderful group today who were in Westminster pressing our MPs for action against the horrific cuts and the imposition of a unitary council.

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The government gets the answer they want

Posted on 28th Aug 2018 by Beth Miller in Northants County Council

Northants Council Councillors met today to decide whether to make a proposal to the Government for a new model of local government here and as a result the Tories in central and local government got the answer they wanted.

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Jeremy Corbyn in Corby!

Posted on 15th Aug 2018 by Beth Miller in Visits

We had a special guest visit the constituency today, Jeremy Corbyn paid us a special visit, talk to representitives at both Tata Steel and Pen Green before meeting with members.

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UCC Judicial Review

Posted on 2nd Aug 2018 by Beth Miller in Urgent Care Centre

A big ‘well done’ to the Save Corby Urgent Care Centre Action Group who won their Judicial Review ensuring there will now be further consultation with the public before any changes are made to the walk-in centre. 

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Corby Responds to a Unitary Authority

Posted on 30th Jul 2018 by Beth Miller in Northants County Council

The people of Corby have spoken and 95% said ‘no’ to Government plans to force us into a unitary authority.

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School Cuts

Posted on 20th Jul 2018 by Beth Miller in Campaigning

Today is the last day of school before the summer break.  Sadly, when many go back to school in September, they'll notice a difference, if they haven't already. In the years between 2015 - 2020, schools in this constituency will have lost £5.4 million. 

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Have your say on Unitary Authority

Posted on 15th Jul 2018 by Beth Miller in Northants County Council

Just 500 out of over 650,000 people in Northants are being proactively approached to take part in the official consultation on the future of local government here. That is less than 0.08%. That is not a proper consultation. That’s a tick-box exercise. 

Make sure that your voice is heard by actively responding at the links below. There isn’t much time left. 

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July 2018 Update

Posted on 8th Jul 2018 by Beth Miller in Campaigning

An update on what I have been doing over the last week in July 2018.

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NHS @ 70

Posted on 5th Jul 2018 by Beth Miller in Campaigning

Have you heard, the NHS is turning 70 this year.  It's time to celebrate and say a thank you to all of the staff, past and present.

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