TIME FOR CHANGE 2017-05-06T14:11:25+00:00

7 years of Tory Government has led to:

  • Crisis in the NHS – Accident & Emergency departments are unable to deal with patient numbers, there’s longer waiting lists for operations, and a failure to fill vacancies for GPs across the country.
  • Shrinking school budgets – cuts of around £10 million in Corby and East Northamptonshire, with a predicted loss of nearly 300 teachers by 2019.
  • Chaos in elderly care – pushing the problems of care for the elderly onto local councils, whilst reducing their finances.
  • Spiraling rents and failure to build enough houses – ripping away hope from those who wanted to buy their own home and allowing rents to rise way beyond increases in wages.
  • An increase in insecure work – a disregard for workers rights and failure to acknowledge the unfairness inflicted on those employed on zero hours contracts, who don’t know how many hours’ work they will have from week to week, and putting financial stress and strain on families.
  • Crumbling transport systems – allowing our transport systems to crumble: our roads are a disgrace in a modern economy, whilst rail services have become unaffordable for many.