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I’ve recently submitted my application to stand as the Labour candidate in Corby and East Northamptonshire at the next General Election. It was a privilege to stand before and I would be so grateful to have the opportunity to stand again.

We should be proud that 27,000 people voted for me and Labour in June. That is more than in any election here in 20 years. There was a brilliant, unified campaign with a fantastic team of volunteers – in less than six weeks we hand delivered in excess of 100,000 leaflets, knocked on thousands of doors, and hundreds of local people got involved for the first time. The Tories thought they would walk the election but we came within a whisker of winning here. Next time we must finish the job, win Corby and East Northamptonshire, and send Jeremy Corbyn to Number 10.

It would be a honour to have the opportunity to stand again. This is where my friends and family are, and it is where my heart is. If I am ever going to be an MP, I only want it to be here.

I hope to speak to many of you and hear your views in the next few weeks. The local party is now quite large, with almost 1,000 members, so I may not be able to speak to everyone as quickly as I would like, but in the meantime I hope this website gives you an overview of why I’d like to be the candidate again and what I hope to do for this constituency.

I know there will be lots of other women applying, and I wish everyone well for the process; it’s going to be tough on us all especially with it running over the Christmas period. Whoever wins, I’ll be there, with a pile of Labour leaflets to deliver and comfy shoes ready to get stuck in again.