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Leaders speech at Conservative Party Conference

Posted on 4th Oct 2018 in Campaigning

I was disappointed with our Prime Minister’s speech (and her dancing!) yesterday.

Think of all the big problems we’re facing: crisis in the NHS, massive cuts to our schools, declining living standards, a huge increase (75% since 2010) in homelessness, and uncertainty over Brexit. 

If there’s one person with the power to change things for the better, it’s the Prime Minister. 

Yet during the 45 minutes she spoke for, I didn’t hear any solutions. I just heard her mocking Labour - she mentioned Labour over 20 times in the speech! 

That’s not leadership. 

This lack of leadership cannot go on. We have six months until we leave the EU and the Government has no plan. And they don’t seem to be getting any closer to one. 

I spoke to BBC Radio Northampton a few weeks ago on this issue. I was really hoping in her speech yesterday Theresa May might have been able to update the country and to give us some assurances of progress with a deal. She didn’t and time is ticking...

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